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Sound/Dance performance with Abigail Russell and Jesse Hallaway.


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This piece was really entertaining because of the enhanced performance element provided by Abigail Russell. I had circuit bent a tape recorder to play back tapes at different speeds and with tremolo effects. This I controlled from a small vintage keyboard which I hacked with wires, potentiometers, and other electronics.

The tapes I used had recordings from the Apollo Moon missions. You can hear a docking sequence being commentated by the astronauts at 3:00. I also had recordings of the Uilleann Pipes (Irish bagpipe), which I play. This juxtaposition of tradition and space exploration, supplemented by the dance routine incorporating a satellite dish, which really was plugged into our computer, made for a light hearted artistic performance which the crowd loved.


Performed at Zolala, Cork, Ireland.

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