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Monochords - Monophonic Polychords-
Door Harps -

Andy Ingamells007.jpg

Pinhole photograph by Harry Moore of Andy Ingamells performing Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia at the Mockie Ah Grand Piano, 2022.

Brian is currently making experimental stringed instruments. Beginning by putting 19 stings onto a discarded door, he soon discovered the celestial resonance which is born when one plucks many strings sounding the same note.

Door Harp.jpg

The idea was expanded upon for the GoShow Exhibition in the Guesthouse Project in 2022 for which a mockie ah grand piano was made from two more doors. This prop was used by Andy Ingamells for a performance of Nam June Paik's piece Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia.

GoShow, 2022. Two Door Harps at the Guesthouse Project.

Perception, 2022. The first "Door Harp" installed at an exhibition in Outlaw Studios, 2022.

Videos available on my youtube channel (click)!

Sound samples while tuning up a new 33 String Monochord

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