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Creepy Parade

Creepy ParadeBrian Leach
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Creepy Parade by Seiko Hayase with music by Brian Leach was performed at the Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre at the opening of the Skibbereen Arts Festival 2021. The piece highlighted mental health and engaged with the local community on the street.

Seiko Hayase asked me to create music for a performance that would see eight dancers moving with enormous brains on their heads to high-light mental health. The piece also embodied a transition out of lock-down and back to creating and performing. The first half of the piece is a slow air, which I composed, called “The Noisy River”. In the second part of the piece the dancers awaken to two traditional slip-jigs.

I produced the track at my studio in Driminidy. I played all parts except the Slip Jigs which Jim Molloy played on the uilleann pipes. I had the track mixed by Tom McCarthy at Baby Forest Studio.

Creepy Parade at the West Cork Arts Festival 2021

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