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Brian leach banjo nut

Banjo Brino strikes again! With a new updated integrated active banjo pickup system...


Getting a good banjo sound live has been a problem. After trying piezo pickups and electric guitar pickup/magnetic strip options I have finaly found the ultimate solution: The Brino Special pickup model 1!


It comprises a jack socket, a 9 V battery, a small active electronic circuit (secret design) and a small condenser mic.


Mounted under the head it gives great clarity of tone, no exagerated frequencies , an even/warm sound for picking and strumming.


I have sold some of these to the Underscore Orkestra where they use them live on the Chalamew (Baroque keyless Clarinet), and even on the Double Bass. They're suitable for any acoustic instrument, strings or wind (probably brass too but i havnt tried it yet).


For banjo bridges made to order, pick ups, set up and modification:



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