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wierd custom brian leach sound bank keyboard instrument

Also, Inconcievable Instruments Available!

Check out to see the instruments I have been working on more recently. Mostly electric guitars and uilleann pipes interest me, from a making point of view. Previously I built:

Hurdy Gurdy, Bowed Medieval Lyre,

Old Stradivarious, Plucked Lyre,

Micro Piano, Brino Zithero,

and even a Theremin.


Strange instruments built to order! Contact

Hurdy Gurdy (Kerry Polka) - Brian Leach
Old Stradivarious Sample - Brian Leach
stringed lyre harp custom brianleach
The Old Stradivarius
piano action custon strings
theremin custom old school.JPG
hurdygurdy 5 strings brian leach.JPG
hurdygurdy keys
Harp Lyre - Brian Leach
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